What Makes An Albino California Kingsnake?

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The Albino California Kingsnake is a rare and stunningly beautiful species of snake. Its distinct white scales set it apart from the normal brown coloration of its peers, making it a sought-after pet. Albino California Kingsnakes are typically found in the deserts of western North America, though they can also be found in parts of Mexico and Canada. They feed primarily on small rodents and lizards, but may occasionally eat birds or eggs. California Kingsnakes are highly intelligent and make great pets due to their docile nature.

What Makes an Albino California Kingsnake?

Albino California Kingsnakes are born with a recessive gene that makes them white, rather than the normal brown color. Albino snakes can have different degrees of albinism, ranging from nearly completely white to have some patches of yellow or orange amid their scales. California Kingsnakes also have striking red eyes, which sets them apart from their peers.


Albino California Kingsnake

Albino California Kingsnakes are typically around three to four feet long and have a slender build. They have smooth, glossy scales, which makes them difficult to grasp for potential predators California Kingsnakes also possess an arrow-shaped head and a thick midsection.


Albino California Kingsnakes primarily eat small rodents such as mice, insects, voles, and rats, though they may occasionally consume lizards or eggs. California Kingsnakes will usually take frozen pre-killed prey rather than live prey if given the option. This makes it easier to feed them in captivity since there is no need to hunt down live animals.


Albino California Kingsnake

The Albino California Kingsnake is native to the deserts of western North America and Mexico, but can also be found in parts of Canada. In their natural habitat, California Kingsnakes live in dry areas with sparse vegetation such as rocky mountainsides or hillsides with plenty of rocks and crevices for hiding from predators.


Albino California Kingsnakes are primarily nocturnal, meaning they hunt and feed at night. They are highly intelligent and can be easily trained to accept food from humans and even recognize their owner’s voice. California Kingsnakes also have very docile dispositions, making them excellent pets for those looking for a small, non-aggressive reptile companion.


Albino California Kingsnake

Albino California Kingsnakes are generally very gentle and non-aggressive. They can be easily handled and make great pets for those looking for a small, low-maintenance reptile companion. California Kingsnakes do best when given regular handling and interaction with their owner.


The Albino California Kingsnake has a lifespan of up to 25 years in captivity, and potentially longer in the wild. With proper care and nutrition, California Kingsnakes can live long lives filled with plenty of interesting activities and interactions.

Caring for an Albino California Kingsnake

Albino California Kingsnake

Due to their rarity and stunning looks, Albino California Kingsnakes often come with a higher price tag than other types of snakes. As such, it is important to be sure that you are committed to caring for your Albino before bringing one home. California Kingsnakes need access to heat and light, a large tank with plenty of hiding places, and a diet of small rodents. California Kingsnakes should also be handled gently and sparingly, as too much handling can cause stress or injury.

Temperature Requirements

Albino California Kingsnakes require temperatures between 75-85°F (24-29°C) during the day, with an area that is slightly cooler in the tank provided. The temperature should drop no lower than 65°F (18°C) at night. Low temperatures can lead to illness and even death, so it’s important to monitor the temperature in your California Kingsnake’s enclosure.

Humidity Requirements

Albino California Kingsnake

Albino California Kingsnakes need a humidity level of around 50-60%, which can be achieved by misting the enclosure once or twice a day. The California Kingsnake should also have access to a water bowl so that it can drink and soak whenever necessary. It’s also important to keep the enclosure clean and free of any waste.

Are Albino California Kingsnakes Venomous?

No, Albino California Kingsnakes are nonvenomous and harmless to humans. They do possess sharp teeth, however, so caution should be taken when handling them. They may bite if they feel threatened or frightened, which is why it’s important not to startle or handle them roughly.

Health Issues

Albino California Kingsnakes, like all reptiles, can be susceptible to illness and disease. Poor husbandry practices, such as improper temperatures or an unclean enclosure, can lead to health issues in California Kingsnakes. Always ensure that your California Kingsnake’s environment is kept clean and properly temperature-controlled. If you suspect any illness or injury in your California Kingsnake, take them immediately to a qualified reptile veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Do Albino California Kingsnakes Bite?

Yes, Albino California Kingsnakes can bite if they feel threatened or frightened. However, California Kingsnakes are generally gentle and not known to be aggressive. With proper handling, California Kingsnakes can make excellent pet companions and should never pose a danger to their owners.

Are Albino California Kingsnakes Rare?

Yes, Albino California Kingsnakes are rare and generally expensive due to their stunning coloration. California Kingsnakes are also generally only available through breeders or specialized pet stores.

Can Albino California Kingsnakes Be Good Pets?

Yes, Albino California Kingsnakes can make great pets with proper care. California Kingsnakes are generally low maintenance and easy to care for, and they will often bond with their owners if given the chance. They should be handled gently and sparingly, and their enclosure should be kept within appropriate temperatures and humidity levels in order to keep them healthy. With attention and dedication, California Kingsnakes can provide years of joy to their owners.


The Albino California Kingsnake is generally more expensive than other types of kingsnakes due to its rarity. They can usually be purchased from breeders or specialized pet stores for around $200-$300.


The Albino California Kingsnake is a stunningly beautiful snake with an array of interesting characteristics. With proper care and nutrition, They can live long and healthy lives as pet companions. Despite their higher price tag, They make great reptiles for those who are willing to put in the effort needed to provide them with the right environment, diet, and handling techniques.

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