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The Bamboo Rat snake (Oreocryptophis porphyries) is a nonvenomous snake in Southeastern Asia. Multiple names commonly call them. They have amazing temperaments and are considered docile creatures. They are known to be very good small pet snakes. This article will have a detailed review of the Bamboo Rat snake. 

Bamboo Rat Snake History

The bamboo rat snake is a harmless snake found in the upper-level forested hills in Southeastern Asia. They are the only member of the genus Oreocryptophis. Some of the most common names they are known by are:

  • Black-Banded Trinket Snake 
  •   Red Bamboo Snake 
  •   Thai Bamboo Snake 
  •   Red mountain racer 
  •   Lox’s Mountain Racer


Bamboo Rat snakes mostly have a small head, sharp and oval-shaped, which is not far away from their neck and body. They are orange or red with black bands or stripes all over their body. Bamboo rat snakes have slender bodies with smooth scales. They are very similar to McClelland’s highly venomous coral snake. They are nocturnal, which indicates that they chase prey during the nighttime and sleep during the daylight.


Bamboo Rat snakes can grow up to 51 to 110 cm in length.


Bamboo rat snakes can live up to 8 to 10 years in the wild and up to 10 to 15 years in confinement.


Bamboo Rat snakes are usually found living in places that are cold and have humid conditions. They have been seen spending most of their time living in the following habitats:

  • Evergreen Rainforests
  •   Monsoon Rainforest
  •   Under Rocks
  •   Leaf Litter
  •   Under Moss Carpets
  •   Under Tree Logs


Bamboo rat snakes eat a lot of things. However, they cannot eat prey that is bigger than their jaw. They have a fast metabolism. Depending on the prey size, they only eat once or twice a week. Some of the most common food they eat are:

  • Birds
  •   Insects
  •   Rabbits
  •   Small Rodents
  •   Mice
  •   Rats
  •   Squirrels
  •   Earthworms
  •   Shrews
  •   Hamsters


Bamboo snakes are found in many places. Some of the most common areas where they are distributed are:

  • India 
  •   Bhutan
  •   Myanmar
  •   Laos
  •   Thailand
  •   Vietnam
  •   Cambodia
  •   South China 
  •   Taiwanndonesia
  •   Nepal
  •   West Malaysia 

Mating Season

Like all other snakes, the Bamboo rat snakes become sexually mature from 2 to 3. Their mating season starts in May or early June. They come out from hibernation when the winters end. Male snakes play games and compete with other male snakes to get female snakes’ attention, and the winner gets the queen. Female Bamboo snakes lay around 10 to 13 eggs in one litter. Some bamboo rat snakes leave the nest and never return. However, depending on whether the eggs are safe from predators, some remain in the nest. 

Bamboo Rat Snakes Care

Bamboo rat snakes are difficult to care for. They have a very low tolerance behavior and require high humidity. They bite when they feel threatened and don’t like to be held. They are nocturnal snakes and are secretive. They hide instantly when they feel threatened. However the food they consume little food. They can be fed once or twice a week. Their metabolism is fast. Their eggs hatch in late summer, from August to September. If you have a Bamboo snake at your house, you would be concerned about its care. Don’t worry. We are here to help.

The foremost thing to do when you carry your bamboo rat snake to your home for the first time is to provide it a few days without handling it. Feed your snake two times a week and provide good meals for rats, mice, and rabbits. Please don’t rush to hold the snake, or it will bite. Within 2 to 3 weeks, your snake will slowly adapt to the environment and may come friendly towards you.

After 2 or 3 weeks, wear protective gear on your hands and slowly hold your bamboo snake. If it bites, give it a week more by following the same procedure you did the previous weeks, and then try holding the snake again, a time will come when your snake won’t bite. 

Do Bamboo Rat Snakes Require more Space In Captivity?

Bamboo rat snakes are not large snakes. Their length is 51 to 110 cm long, so that they won’t need much space. They can easily stay in a 10-gallon tank. However, they are very secretive and hide when they feel threatened, so they prefer habitats with many hiding places. 

Is UVB Necessary For Bamboo Rat Snakes?

UVB is unnecessary for bamboo snakes; they can survive without UVB. However, UVB is good for your snake’s well-being and health. They get vitamin D from UVB Light. The UVB should be placed close to the heat lamp above the snake so that your snake can get a good amount of light all over their body. They need at least 13 hours of sunlight during the summer and 11 hours during the winter. 

Humidity Levels For Bamboo Rat Snakes

Bamboo snakes will likely live a healthy life in damped and humid environments. They need at least 70 to 80% humidity level during the day and about 90% humidity at night. The humidity level can be measured using a digital probe hygrometer, usually placed in the center of the snake habitat. To ensure the perfect humidity level, you can mist the snake’s habitat using a sprayer once in the morning and at night. Maintaining the right level of humidity increases the lifespan of your snake. They become healthier and are usually active if provided the correct humidity level their body needs.

Do Bamboo Rat Snakes Bite?

Bamboo rat snakes are nonvenomous snakes that are completely harmless to humans. However, they might bite when held or touched. They are secretive snakes who don’t like to be kept. They hide instantly when they feel insecure. They usually chew when they feel threatened. Even if they bite, it won’t be life-threatening. A small wound that can be healed within one week if applied ointments.

Do Bamboo Rat Snakes Like to Be Held?

No Bamboo rat snakes don’t like to be handled; they prefer to be left alone without anyone interrupting them. However, if you take your hand forward, they will flee away and hide from you. If you want to hold your snake, wear protective gloves slightly, keep your snake and let it move on your hand freely. If you have or squeeze your snake, it might bite you.


Can Bamboo Rat Snakes Be Good Pets?

Bamboo rat snakes can be good pets; however, adopting a Bamboo rat snake as your first pet snake can be a little frustrating because they are slightly difficult to care for.

Are Bamboo Rat Snakes Poisonous?

Bamboo Rat snakes are harmless nonvenomous snakes. However, they do bite if they feel threatened or handled.

Where Are Bamboo Rat Snakes Mostly Found?

Bamboo Rat snakes are mostly found in India, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, South China, Taiwanndonesia, Nepal, and West Malaysia. 

Are Bamboo Rat Snakes Easy To Care for?

Yes, Bamboo Rat snakes are slightly difficult to care for. They are secretive snakes that feel threatened quickly. However, they can be fed only once a week.


Bamboo rat snakes are nonvenomous snakes found in Southeastern Asia and distributed throughout India, China, Thailand, Nepal, and other Southeastern Countries. They are quickly scared and are not easy to care for in captivity. They eat small animals that can easily fit in their jaw. Depending on the prey size, they can only be fed once or twice a week. They have excellent temperaments and are docile. Multiple names know them. 

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