Police Dog Attack on Surrendering Black Man Leads to Officer’s Firing

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A heart-wrenching incident in Ohio has rocked the nation, leaving us all in disbelief and fueling a strong call for change in our law enforcement system. On July 4th, Jadarrius Rose, a 23-year-old man driving a semi-tractor trailer, was at the center of a horrifying encounter with the police. Officer Ryan Speakman of the Circleville Police Department commanded his police K-9 to attack Rose during a routine traffic stop while Rose raised his hands in surrender. The shocking video footage has sparked outrage nationwide, with voices demanding comprehensive police reforms and increased accountability.

The Terrifying Police Dog Attack:

As the day unfolded, Jadarrius Rose was going about his business, operating a semi-tractor trailer along U.S. Route 35. Little did he know that a minor violation of a missing left rear mud flap would escalate into a nightmare. Highway Patrol inspectors attempted to pull him over, leading to a tense standoff. In fear for his life, Rose informed the trooper that he was speaking to 911, expressing the all-too-common fear many have about encounters with law enforcement.

Despite complying with the trooper’s instructions to exit his vehicle, Rose hesitated when asked to roll down his window for communication. His fear stemmed from past traumatic experiences where officers had drawn their guns on him. Eventually, he complied, but what happened next was terrifying.

The Shocking Use of Force:

The footage released by the highway patrol showed Jadarrius Rose standing with his hands raised, a gesture of surrender, as Officer Ryan Speakman, handling the police K-9, issued a chilling request to get on the ground or face the police dog’s wrath. Simultaneously, a highway trooper instructed Rose to approach him, further complicating the situation. Despite the trooper’s repeated pleas not to release the dog, Speakman unleashed the K-9, causing Rose to fall to his knees and endure the brutal attack.

Immediate Termination and Public Outcry:

The shocking video of the incident left no room for hesitation, leading the Circleville Police Department to take immediate action by terminating Officer Ryan Speakman. This swift response highlights the gravity of the situation and the urgency for increased police accountability. While the use of force review board defended Speakman’s actions, stating he adhered to the prescribed canine protocol, the public outcry and the video’s emotional impact have raised significant questions about existing police practices and the pressing need for comprehensive reforms.

A Call for Reform from the White House:

The video of the police K-9 attack struck a chord with the nation, prompting a compassionate response from the White House. In solidarity with Jadarrius Rose and his family, they called for Congress to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. This crucial legislation aims to rebuild trust, ensure transparency, and hold law enforcement accountable to the communities they serve. The Rose incident serves as a poignant reminder that the time for comprehensive police reforms is now.

Public Outrage Fuels Demands Police Reforms:

The harrowing footage of the violent police K-9 attack has sparked outrage and ignited a nationwide call for change. Citizens, activists, and leaders are coming together, demanding immediate action to address excessive force and enhance police accountability. In response, protests have erupted in cities nationwide, with demonstrators seeking justice for Jadarrius Rose and calling for greater accountability for officers who abuse their authority.

Police Training and Progressive Discipline:

While the Circleville Police Department asserts that their officers and K-9 units receive training per established standards, critics argue that incidents involving Jadarrius Rose indicate the need for a comprehensive review of police training and protocols. The application of progressive discipline principles has also been questioned, with the Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association raising concerns about Officer Speakman’s termination.


The tragic incident involving Jadarrius Rose and the appalling use of force by Officer Ryan Speakman has profoundly impacted us all, leaving a lasting impression on our society. The outcry from the public and the White House’s call for police reform resonate deeply with the need for comprehensive changes to ensure the safety and trust of our communities. As we grapple with this heartbreaking event, we must join together in the pursuit of justice and work towards rebuilding a law enforcement system that values transparency, accountability, and the well-being of every citizen. Jadarrius Rose’s story serves as a sad reminder that the time for change is now, and together, we can create a safer and more just future for all.